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Katayoon Eghtedar

Borejs Seferaj

Head Of Operations

Borejs`s dedication to creating a sustainable future fuels his mission to foster harmonious coexistence between humanity and the natural world, transforming daily lives to nurture and uphold environmental integrity, human dignity, and transparency. 

This belief has had a profound impact on his career trajectory, leading him to gain in-depth knowledge, skills, and hands-on working experience in Sustainable Travel & Hospitality, Sustainable Transition Strategy and Compliance of ESG regulation globally.

Due to his keen interest and research, Borejs has acquired the innate ability to have a comprehensive solution mindset to approach Climate Change, Labor/Human Rights, Supply Chain, and Corporate Governance challenges in a Sustainable Transition. 

His exceptional adaptability and strong problem-solving capacity in leadership enable him to navigate complex scenarios with effortless efficiency in the operation of multiple organizations in diverse sectors.

Furthermore, fluency in six languages has granted Borejs the unique opportunity to lead multicultural teams across diverse countries and sectors. 

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare from the University of Ismail Qemali Vlore, where he did an internship in the Emergency Room, performed Microsurgery, and provided Pre- and Post-Surgery Care in the Hospital of Vlora. 

His interests include theology, psychology (human behavior), bio-energetics, and architecture.

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