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Katayoon Eghtedar

David Carlin

Head of ESG Sustainability Regulation & Compliance

David Carlin stands as a premier authority in climate finance, sustainability, and risk, with a distinguished track record of advising United Nation Environment Financial Initiative, Net-Zero Banking Initiative (NZBI), GFANZ (Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero) and UK`s Transition Plan Task Force (TPT) for sustainability and other significant environmental financial initiatives.

His expertise extends to guiding global banks, investors, and corporate C-suites through the intricacies of ESG regulation, climate risk management, and sustainability strategy implementation. Carlin's influential work includes leading a pioneering program for 50 global banks on climate governance and risk assessments, contributing to the Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and shaping central bank regulations on sustainable finance.

A renowned voice in the sustainability sphere, Carlin's insights are featured in Forbes and he is recognized as a LinkedIn top voice on Sustainability/ESG. His academic contributions are marked by his roles as a visiting fellow at prestigious institutions like Cambridge University and King's College London. With a foundation in quantitative modeling and decision science, Carlin's research at Carnegie Mellon University and his Phi Beta Kappa graduation from Williams College underscore his analytical prowess. His professional journey includes impactful roles at Oliver Wyman Consulting and PNC Bank, prior to his pivotal involvement with the UNEP Finance Initiative.

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