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Katayoon Eghtedar

Tharina Quintero

Environmental Law Specialist | Sustainability Advocate

Passionate about driving positive change and fostering sustainability, I am an experienced legal professional specializing in environmental law and government public law development. With a solid foundation in legal advisory roles within the judiciary and governmental organizations, I bring a wealth of expertise in navigating complex legal landscapes and advocating for sustainable practices.


As a former High Court Judge Junior Assistant and Senior Advisor in the Administrative Circuit, I have provided strategic legal counsel on a wide range of environmental law matters, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and promoting sustainable development initiatives. My contributions to government public law development have been instrumental in shaping policies aimed at advancing environmental protection and sustainability at both local and national levels.

Passion for Sustainability:

Beyond my legal career, I am deeply passionate about promoting sustainable living practices and raising awareness about environmental issues. As a professional health chef and sustainable lifestyle advocate, I actively promote the benefits of eco-friendly living and healthy eating within my community. My diverse background enables me to offer a unique perspective on sustainability matters and contribute to meaningful initiatives that drive positive change.

Looking Ahead:

I am excited to continue leveraging my legal expertise and passion for sustainability to make a lasting impact in the field. Open to new opportunities that allow me to further advance environmental sustainability and contribute to creating a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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