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Anticorruption a Pillar of Responsible Business Conduct refers to efforts aimed at preventing, identifying, and addressing corruption in both the public and private sectors. Corruption can take many forms, including bribery, nepotism, and embezzlement, and it can have a significant impact on economic growth, social welfare, and environmental sustainability.

​Emphasizing anti-corruption isn't just the right thing to do; it also makes good business sense. By actively addressing corruption risks, companies can foster a culture of integrity, enhance trust with stakeholders, and safeguard their business operations and reputation.

Our work aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions), supporting businesses in weaving anti-corruption measures into their ESG strategy.

Our Services include :

Anti-Corruption Strategy: Our team works with you to develop a comprehensive anti-corruption strategy that is tailored to your business context. This includes identifying corruption risks, outlining preventive measures, and setting accountability mechanisms.

Policies and Procedures: We assist you in establishing robust anti-corruption policies and procedures. This may include drafting a code of conduct, setting up whistleblowing mechanisms, or outlining procedures for dealing with conflicts of interest.

Training and Capacity Building: We offer anti-corruption training programs to enhance the understanding of your employees and business partners about corruption risks and preventive measures.


Due Diligence: We conduct due diligence to assess the corruption risks associated with supply chain, climate risk,  business partners, mergers, acquisitions or other business deals, to ensure a comprehensive ESG reporting.

Monitoring and Reporting: Through Intelligent data capabilities we monitor the effectiveness of your anti-corruption measures and report on your anti-corruption efforts. This involves developing key performance indicators, conducting internal audits, and crafting transparent reports.

Image by Viviana Rishe
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