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Katayoon Eghtedar

Sam Katiela

Head of UAE

Sam was raised in Germany & studied Economics, Psychology & Media Sciences. He is considered a pioneer in international strategic communication and live marketing industry.

For over 20 years, Sam has formulated his own unique & creative approach to developing strategic content that effectively translates the client’s messaging through disruptive technologies, smart experiences and branded content across the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

From his experiences in working closely with Abu Dhabi’s sustainability focus under such platforms as the World Future Energy Summit and the Zayed Future Energy Prize, he saw the great impact of Global Megatrends in shaping our collective future. This motivated him to be involved in other related platforms and programs, from the Climate Innovations Exchange Pavilion, the Global Summit of Megatrends (under the UAE Federal National Council), and Mother of the Nation Pavilions that highlight Women Empowerment… projects that aim to locate each audience member in the essence of AUTHENTIC EXISTENCE OF HUMANITY.

He also developed his own intellectual properties that focus on Environmental & Climate Change issues, including MIYAH-World of Water, ALZAD- World of Food, Noor –The World of Energy, Samiera Earth Expo & the upcoming International Summit of Megatrends (ISOM).


CEO of Mamemo Consulting

Advisor to UAE Minister of Food Security,

Special strategy presentation at the UAE Government Summit

Advised and launched key milestone projects of MASDAR

Launched Green Dubai World Forum

Designed and executed Abu Dhabi`s showcase of innovative technologies behind the Middle East’s pioneering Solar Projects

Launched the World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi

Launched Zayed Future Energy Prize

Working directly with the Chairman of Masdar

Partner in Mai Resources, Switzerland

“Water for the World” Initiative

Founder of MIYAH Pavilion: The World of Water

Founder of ALZAD Pavilion: The World of Food

Founder of touring 97% Ocean Pavilion: Impact of Plastic in Oceans

Founder of touring NOOR Energy Pavilion: The Sustainability of Energy

Advisor and keynote speaker at the W12 Water Conference in Capetown, South Africa

Sam Katiela splits his time between Dubai and Zürich.

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