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Joerg Geier

Sustainable Transition & Education Expert
Berlin, Germany

Joerg Geier is a distinguished sustainability strategist, consultant, and project director renowned for his expertise in fostering collaboration and innovation across various networks and organizations in diverse countries and cultures. He currently serves as a partner at PDIE Group, an agency dedicated to providing consulting, research, and ecosystem-building services in the realms of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.

Previously, Joerg held the prestigious position of Director of Executive Education at Cambridge University's Judge Business School, contributing significantly to the institution's academic excellence. He is also recognized for his membership and prior role as Deputy Secretary General at the Club of Rome, a global think  tank focusing on pressing global challenges.

As a dynamic and results-oriented professional with an international background, Joerg consistently challenges individuals to envision a future that benefits everyone. His multifaceted background as a Fulbright scholar, MBA, creative thinker, applied researcher, and program director equips him with the ability to initiate and develop impactful projects and initiatives on behalf of start-ups, corporations, and think tanks.

Joerg's professional endeavors encompass a wide spectrum of fields, including cleantech, sustainability, leadership education, impact entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystems, and impact investing. His approach primarily emphasizes strategic and business development perspectives, leading to innovative solutions and sustainable outcomes.

At the core of Joerg's vision is a commitment to transforming unsustainable systems through environmental and social innovations. He passionately delivers speeches that offer alternative perspectives on building a future founded on long-term thinking. He bridges the gap between business and scientific insights, drawing on his wealth of experience in the startup realm and leadership education.

Furthermore, Joerg Geier actively contributes to the Arts & Nature Social Club as the Deputy Chair and Head of Programs, where he works to sensitize leaders to planetary challenges. His volunteer roles often focus on mentoring positions with a strong emphasis on impact entrepreneurship. 

Key responsibilities and accomplishments include:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

  • Held diverse roles in business development.

  • Facilitated the global market entry of international cleantech start-ups, providing them with access to customers and investors.

  • Played an integral role in selecting start-ups as part of various judging panels.

Leadership Development:

  • Spearheaded the development of new business and programs within a top university's executive education division.

  • Formulated a comprehensive business plan for an online learning start-up.

  • Initiated a groundbreaking impact investing program targeting angel investors, family offices, and wealth advisors.

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