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Vivian Cundliffe

Advisory Board

Vivian Cundliffe, B.Sc. (Env. Eng.), M.Sc., PhD-abd

Steeped in a profound commitment to addressing pressing climate challenges, Vivian Cundliffe stands as a beacon in the world of environmental science. Nominated for the coveted Nobel Prize in 2012, Vivian's innovative approach to carbon dioxide solidification has positioned her among the luminaries of her generation.

As the Founder and CEO of ReductionTech Inc., Vivian's visionary leadership has led the firm to develop cutting-edge solutions to some of the world's most daunting climate issues. Her doctoral dissertation, soon to be defended, underscores the importance of a hydroxyl release strategy. This innovative approach proposes the use of natural atmospheric greenhouse gas removers, such as hydroxyl radicals and hydroxide ions. The benefits are manifold: rapid greenhouse gas removal, combatting airborne viruses, and fostering mineral, plant, and biodiversity on a global scale.

But her pioneering endeavors don't stop there. Vivian has been instrumental in evolving multiple prototype technologies. Among her remarkable achievements is the conversion of CO2 gas into structures that resemble diamonds, a potential game-changer for sustainable materials. Further expanding her scope, she introduced an oxygen supply system for possible use in environments like Mars, merging space exploration with environmental science.

Vivian's company, ReductionTech Inc., isn't just about business—it's a mission-driven endeavor that harnesses the ancient geochemistry of our planet, a system 4.5 billion years in the making. The implications of her work could reshape our planet's future: a reduction in greenhouse gases, revitalized biodiversity, and a comprehensive combat strategy against harmful airborne viruses.

Education & Affiliations:

Atlantic International University, Honolulu: Anticipated M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering graduation in Dec 2024 and ongoing PhD research.

Madison University, Gulfport, MS: B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering, where she laid the groundwork for her environmental pursuits.

Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology, Calgary: Earned a Diploma with distinction, emerging as Magna Cum Laude.

Career Milestones:

Vivian's groundbreaking work on CO2 led to her Nobel Prize nomination in 2012.

She's actively leading a formidable team in the much-anticipated XPRIZE for Carbon Removal finals for 2025.

Publications & Presentations:

A prolific contributor to her field, Vivian has written extensively, ranging from tackling the global dimming paradox to ozone layer repair using oxygen ions. Her voice has echoed in global arenas, including presenting at the STAIF Conference in New Mexico and the World Clean Air Congress in London.

Awards & Memberships:

Not just a scientist, but also a recognized innovator, Vivian clinched the Katerva Innovation Award Finalist spot in 2019.

She holds esteemed memberships with professional bodies like ACPBC and AIAA and has made significant contributions as a professional science blogger and a TED Talk Nominee.

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